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Concept your Villa, and make it Reality. Luxurious Villas, surrounded by beautiful & natural environment are available. Starting from just around 200 million Rupiah, installed with 20 easy payments without any interests, you are already able to stay in a brand new luxurious villa in VANDA Gardenia.

For those of you wishing to have a grand luxurious villa, we also have available other custom type of villas on selected exclusive locations. Upgrade of land and building area from the standard type can easily be done. Just choose the lot and we will present the perfect villa design for you and your happy family. Installments with 0% interest are also available.

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The infamous cluster package for villas in VANDA Gardenia. With total land area of 300m2 and building of 90m2, each villa is designed according to your taste on the contoured terrain. Surrounded by close up views of the three (3) mountains, Arjuna, Penanggungan and Welirang, the package can also be installed 20 times with no interests. Price starts from just around Rp 350 million.

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A new cluster launched in late 2004, where brand new villas are available from just around Rp 200 million. Located nearby the hotel, clubhouse and other facilities, all villas in the cluster can be installed with 20 easy payments without any interests. With a total land area of 150m2 and building of 70m2, type 70/150 is the perfect getaway home for small family. Limited lots available.

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Here is the site plan of VANDA Gardenia Villas and its surroundings. Discover it ...


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