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VANDA Gardenia is a resort complex, enveloped by three ranges of mountains Arjuna, Penanggungan and Welirang. Located 800 metres above the sea level, the resort is built on contoured plateaus, allowing unique view from different site. The area was found in 1985 and further developed into a villa complex with pool & tennis court facilities in 1994.

Early 1997, the complex was completed with developments of Pondok VANDA Gardenia, 30-bedrooms of cozy and relaxing cottages. In year 2000, the resort welcomed the new millennium with Nelayan Fishing Pond & Lesehan and progressive developments of the Children's playground and sand area.
Entering the year 2006, VANDA Gardenia has expanded the HOTEL by adding more rooms and establishing itself as a pioneer in boutique hotel and launched magical children's playground area, the Red Bridge. In early 2007, the Hotel's excellency will also be enhanced with a Grand Ballroom (Nirvana) that can accommodate up to 1000 people (standing).
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