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VANDA Gardenia has Seven (7) types of Convention halls and Classrooms. From a decent Convention Room ideal for a a small ground's private meeting (Ananda/Lounge Orchid/Adhiwangsa Rooms/Edelweiss), to open p aired Hall fitting up to 200 people (Asoka Hall and Nelayan Lesehan), as well as facilitating up to 1000 people (standing) with the presence of Nirvana Grand Ballroom. Perfect for a grand seminar, birthday or wedding. The Ballroom can segregated in half if you wish to hold two (2) events at the same time, complemented also with Secretarial Rooms and stage.

Meeting Package has been the most celebrated meeting package in Trawas' hotel and resort community. You will be able to hold a seminar/meeting of up to 1000 people (standing), free use of the seminar room and its essentials for 5 hours maximum, lunch and coffee break included, and free entry to the facilities.

If you wish to hold a meeting with longer hours, we have LONG Meeting Package. The package is inclusive of up to 12 hours use of the Seminar Room and its essentials, 3x Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), 2x Snacks and Coffee Breaks, plus free entry to the facilities. Below is Meeting Package Hotel VANDA Gardenia offer you.

Indoor or Outdoor
Short Meeting Long Meeting
1 x Meal (Lunch)
2 x Meals (Lunch & Dinner)
1 x Coffee Break
2 x Coffee Breaks
2 types of snack + Coffee / Tea
2 types of snack + Coffee / Tea
Free Convention Hall / Ballroom
Free Convention Hall / Ballroom
Free Entry to all Facilities
Free Entry to all Facilities
The above price is for Indonesian citizens only. The price can change anytime without prior notice.

Indoor & Outdoor Meeting Package is inclusive of 21% goverment tax & service charge, Board room (Manggala I & II), Overhead projector screen, White board, Notepad, Pencil, & Free 1 (one) hour Karaoke. Click the icon on the right for photos of Convention Halls / Ballroom.

Meeting Room Capacity
Style / Size (meter) Manggala I
Manggala II
Lounge Orchid Asoka Nelayan Adhiwangsa Edelweiss Ananda
16 x 15 16 x 10 8 x 7 17.5 x 5 15 x 12 15 x 5 9 x 8 6 x 8
60 50 40 50 40 30 30 20
Class Room 160 140 80 100 80 35 35 25
Theatre 350 210 150 150 130 60 80 30
Banquet 220 130 60 50 40 50 20 -
Lesehan 350 210 150 200 120 60 50 30
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